Jun 29, 2021 - Jun 29, 2021
15:00H - 16:00H

Connected 5G offers a global vision of the main topics discussed at MWC21 by leading experts in 5G technology and connectivity. The year's edition aims to reflect on the main technologies that are revolutionizing today's world and the new challenges that will arise in the coming years, knowing where we are and how we can start again.

The session will discuss the main consequences that COVID-19 has had on the development of technologies and the business fabric, subjects related to connected mobility and geopositioning, besides current issues related to artificial intelligence or automation.

Other subjects, such as the business organization in Spain or the manufacturing processes of components and technological infrastructures will be discussed by Eduard Martín, CIO, and Director of the 5G program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, and Federico Ruiz, Responsible for National 5G Observatory.

Therefore, this presentation will address all the topics that will be put on the table at MWC21, a hybrid edition, with face-to-face and virtual activities, that precisely thanks to technology will be able to offer the public a unique edition after the incidence of COVID -19.

The event will take place at the stand on the MWC21.

Pilar Bernat
Journalist, moderator of Conectados 5G
Federico Ruiz
Responsable Observatorio Nacional 5G
Eduard Martin
CIO y Director del programa 5G de Mobile World Capital Barcelona